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So something I'm not great at but reallyyy enjoy doing is writing choreography to Kpop songs with color guard and some dance! I've done a few videos and I'm like going through one of the point in life where I'm just questioning everything...so I'm watching my videos and judging myself trying to decide which video I think I've done the best so far and then I'm trying to decide what to do next. The videos below are all the ones I think I did the best with and also the variety of choreo I've done...
BTS Butterfly Intro. This is the last video I did that I wrote choreography, I didn't do the whole song (since its not really out yet)
BigBang Loser, this one has the most likes on YouTube, and its like 65% choreographed the rest is improv. I used tall poll and I thought it turned out alright
Super Junior M Swing, This is one where I was listening to the song and the swing flag work just popped into my head (the tossing the flag between people on "swing!") and I got two friends to do it with me for a performance. 100% choreographed song by me and I taught it to them. This is dance and swing flag, swing flag is like my forte and this is similar to the very first video I did (Blue World Super Junior which also was on AS4U season 3)
and finally Mul Deul Uh by Sungmin. More lyrical style dance and swing flag which are both more up my alley.
Idk which video I like the most. Mul Deul Uh & Loser have the most likes from other people. But I'm not sure what to do next.
My original image for my YouTube page and all this choreography Kpop dance cover stuff was to do songs that aren't MVs and don't really have a visual performance for Kpop fans to watch such as ballad songs or whatnot. Two songs I have in mind to do next is Like Oh by GOT7 & Fear by Mino ft Taeyang. I really like those songs and I already have a vision on the choreography. Like Oh I actually did the chorus choreo I made and posted on my instagram but idk guys. I really really really want your opinions. should I even continue doing this? of course there are other people who do dance covers who have dance training which is why I try to do song that don't have choreo to it already. Opinions thoughts anyone? please and thank you ><
@katiems that's the thing Lol I'm more of the performer than the creator
ever since I found kpop I've been wondering how to tie it to guard! I'm not too creative on choreography XP but would love to learn to my favorite songs!!
Do Fear I'd like to see that one. Geezus you make me miss it
@JessAS that's exactly one reason why one life goal of mine is to create more opportunities for people who are involved with color guard. cuz right now there's basically one option but there can be so much more
@JessAS I kind of started out taking choreography I've already learned and took some from Kpop dances as well and kind of grew from there on my own! one of my goals in life is to promote color guard on concert stages and stuff 馃憣