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I'll let you know when to stop reading so you don't get any spoilers :D

Here's who we meet:

Kim Jung Hwan - He lives in the apartment above Deok Sun.
Taek - He's great at Baduk but nothing else
Ryu Dong Ryong - "This block's 'Counselor'"
Sun Woo - The only normal boy
Bora - the older sister and "craziest bitch on the block"
No-eul - the older brother who is actually only 17 ;)
And of course:

Hyeri as Deok Sun!

Some of the cast from previous "Reply" dramas are in this including the mom and dad from 1997/1994 AND Kim Sung-gyun from 1994 :D
The story takes place starting around the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Deok Sun will be one of the girls who carries the name of a country during the opening ceremonies.

The episode is an hour and a half so I'll just do a quick summary:

******possibly spoilers but not really, its 1 episode lol*****

Basically we're just getting to the know the families and their struggles. Junghwan's family doesn't really get along, Sunwoo is really close to him mom and little sister, and Deoksun's family has financial issues but they're getting by. There are issues with bullies and school and the usual family drama :D
The ending takes a serious turn when the family house gets filled with carbon monoxide! Luckily they all survived, but not without some damage!

What we do know is:

Deoksun marries someone who lives in the neighborhood!

Who do you think it is, based on the first episode?

I think it will be Sunwoo? But Junghwan totally has the bad-boy style. AND we haven't really seen anything from Taek...
@stevieq So far it's planned to be 20. I hope not all of them are and hour and a half though because while I love the show, I'll probably put off watching episodes because of the length of time.
@JustinaNguyen well we'll have to wait for more episodes to figure that out lol but it seemed like it was pretty obvious to me
@kpopandkimichi I watch episode one and I kept watching it I'm on episode 3 but when I think I know the person she marries something happen taking me back to guessing!!😆
omg episode 1 is out already! I haven't watched sassy go go yet. another 1 will be added in my list
they are long @kpopandkimchi but I'm too hype for the Reply series too really care...but why 20 episodes I don't think my heart can handle the wait
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