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"Both" is probably a valid answer.

We all know anime has a reputation for being really weird... but Marvel's not far behind. With heroes like Squirrel Girl, the comic book empire might be able to claim the title of weirdest.

Squirrel Girl is a secret badass

This card by @OGv6FATE goes into more detail, but here are the basic facts: She's defeated the most powerful villains in the universe, she can talk to squirrels, and she's also a nanny on the side. You know, just for kicks.

Sailor Moon

Is a reincarnated moon princess, prefers to wear her hair in meatball shapes, and battles evil with the power of love. Oh, and her transformations are actually deadly.

What do we think Vinglers?

Which hero out-weirds the other?
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@gabbycalzada looks like it's you and me against the world xD
@MichaelOgg ha yeah
ohhhhhhhhh THATS who that girl,was... I see all kinda of posts like "We are your childhood" with Naruto and DBZ and Pokemon on it, but she was also,there
@JacobWilson Sailor Moon was a huge phenomenon that blazed a trail for many magical girl series to follow.