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Ok let's make this happen. Special thanks to @Danse for making this suoer fun challenge! Now to business......So the challenge is to make my own pirate crew! Well for starters my ship would be a fusion of the flying nimbus infused with captain jack sparrows black pearl. So i can man the seas or take to the skies.
My captain would be none other than Mewtwo. Mewtwo has the ability to be by far one of the most sophisticated yet revered characters in most anime series. Not only is he the strongest legendary pokemon to date behind mew but he has a deep complex character make up, superior leadership skills, a balance between personal and professional integrity, and a magnitude of useful abilities due to his psychic nature. I mean he could control the weather literally imagine the damage i could do to other ships!!! Its hard to put into words why i adore this pokemon and character but anyone who has seen pokemon the first movie and pokemon mewtwo strikes back knows this guy right here is a solid leader and dynamic captain!
1. Sora Sora would have to be in my crew as the heart of the squad. Innocent yet loyal and willing to fight for whats right yet always up for an adventure! The pirates life for Sora would be just another adventure to be endured and cherished. Plus with his keyblade we could take our plunders to new worlds!
2. Neku Sakuraba Next up would have to be Neku as the mysterious emo cool guy that packs a punch. The World Ends With You is by far the most underrated DS title Of all time but if you have played it then you know why this guy has to be on my squad.
3/4: The Joker and Harley Quinn sedated by mewtwo's psychic influence would give my crew the killer edge necessary to breakdown any ship and a little comedic relief! Forever eccentric and ghastly they would make an awesome pirate duo.
5. Kenshin Himura aka Battousai The Manslayer Under the influence of mewtwo Kenshin brought back to the days of Battousai would be a stellar edition to the crew. Master samurai, legendary kill count, unstoppable powerhouse...peep Samurai X yea enough said lol.
6. Light Yagami (Yagami Raito) aka Kira I mean he is the God of death and the ultimate get out of jail free card. Light would join the ranks of my crew as the last resort secret weapon.
7. Kimimaro Naruto fans already know why this man is amongst my crew members. Take away the sickness that claimed his body and you have one if the sickest swordsmen, ninja, curse marked, powerhouses and by far A DEFINITIVE PROBLEM OF THE NARUTO SERIES AND all time. The man is living breathing weapon.
8. Broly Under the influence of mewtwo's psychic abilities Broly would little be an eater or world on my ship. He is unstoppable not even death could keep him down. He is by far THE GREATEST DBZ BADDY OF THE ENTIRE SERIES.
9. Cloud Strife Well to ends things off i'll go out there with my boy Cloud Strife the poster boy for the Final Fantasy Franchise and definitely one of the most iconic RPG protagonist to date. Final Fantasy Advent Children....yea enough said
So with all that being said meet the Swift Mirage band of Pirates!
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@VinMcCarthy thanks man! Im very new to this so i'll check that community out asap and post it!
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Wow! u worked really hard on it and a round of applause for u my dear sir clap*clap*
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@Sara3 it was tones of fun haha thank you! 8)
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@ChildOfSparda13 hell yea man i had to out the legend in place of zolo!
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