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When it comes to women in power positions, we really don't see a whole lot of women leading in the U.S. Those few that are paving the way are seen as role models to younger women.

Studies suggest that high-profile women as candidates for public office often encourages young American women to become more involved in politics, and seek leadership roles themselves.

What type of women?

Primarily Democrats, according to a study published in Political Research Quarterly. A theory suggests these are role models primarily because younger voters tended to be Democrat.
So essentially women that connect and resonate with younger generations.
Recently the News community had a discussion surrounding Women and Equal Pay (thanks @InPlainSight), and the lovely @LizArnone wrote a card about 11 Ways Women Are Still Fighting For Equality In Day To Day Life.

Does having women role models make things better for women? Studies say yes, so could this work in all realms of equality?

In the instance of leadership, it only seems like some. But when it comes to pay... maybe women need to be looking to other women for salary increases.

What do you all think? Does having women role models impact and make things more equal for women?

What qualities make people role models to you?

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Thats exactly what I mean I have three role models and each one has something I dont b but also something I can relate and learn from them as well I think thats what being a role model is all abut @nicolejb
YAY thank you for thinking that @mommaG, do you have a role model?
not limited to jus women too!
totally @DannyMoses I guess I was thinking of it more in terms of gender equality. thought women can have male role models too! :)