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Facebook recently released their Global Governments Requests Report for 2015. What's that you ask? Well essentially, it's all the requests that Facebook got from governments all over the world to get information.
A government finds something suspicious... they go to Facebook to learn information. They get user information to track them down, or even find out who they are talking to.
Here's some of the Stats from the Report

With the U.S. leading in Information, it makes me wonder what information they need about us?

Are criminals passing information on Facebook? Who knows!

Techies, what do you think of this?

It is well documented, though not widely known, that Paris had a series of simulations scheduled for November 13th. It was a massive drill--to prepare everyone like police and medics, agencies, etc. None of it was real. Just like 9-11. You may or may not know, but there were simulations (such as airplanes hitting buildings) scheduled. I am not going to talk about 9-11. That's for another card. What I am saying here, about Paris, is that it's hard to believe that a couple chairs toppled over at a cafe = bomb. I've seen actual footage of bombings of cafes in Morocco...destruction and body parts everywhere. When you look at Paris, there are no body parts, just concealed "body bags." People with "blood on their shirts" but the fabric isn't torn or scorched. The soccer game, with thousands of pedestrians (and cell phones), yet not one image captured/recorded to show bombs going off or guns, or militia or anything. Tons of "interviews" about people who "heard" things. That's it. I'm not buying any of this as an actual attack. I don't believe people were hurt or that anyone died. This SIMULATION was planned, coordinated and created out of thin air. There are many other bizarre, coincidental happenings surrounding Paris (that I won't go into here) that further my belief that this was what many are calling a False Flag Operation.
It doesn't bother me that anybody asks for information on anyone. What bothers me is that companies cave into the pressure and disseminate with the information. I suppose it's not as bad as the open back-door that's created for the US intelligence (and spying) communities who have carte blanch access to your cameras and mics on phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Every app on my phone and all of the "updates" require me to grant them access to my phone. The claim is that in order for those features to be "turned on" and "work" means giving access. I don't buy it. Making a product (app) that works has nothing to do with granting permission so that the company can listen in and turn on my camera whenever they want. It's a gross over-reach, and in my estimation, a sneaky "legal" way to intercept data about consumers and for governments to engage in surreptitious behavior. I suppose the way around all this is to ditch technology, including smart cars.
@marshalledgar As much as I should feel upset at calling about 150 lives taken a fake operation, I'm willing to say that you do have a point. I've researched for a week on the news and that's one thing that doesn't add up. So many people are supposed to have witnessed this and there was supposed to be a lot of damage, but a couple bullet holes and shrines were only shown. As much as I wouldn't like to see body parts or anything you mentioned, I can see why the lack of hard proof would raise the assumption. Now, I'm just a little scared. The real question is how powerful is the media and can they really be THAT hush-hush? if it were a fake operation, that is. It's unsettling.
I know what you mean. what's worse? A terrorist attack, or a government /media cooperative that creates the illusion of such an attack? @luci546
theres no reason for our gov to need our info off facebook unless you have a really stupid person who wants to get caught no person with half a brain would put up thoughts plans or brag about doing any kind of crime and if they did theyd be a lying b want to be caught or c using a fake account thats so encrypted the cia would have a hard time hacking it they probably just want to get into our minds so they can slowly learn to control us by using a tactic that the majority would fall for. the gov is aspiring to be like north korea like and how they all worship one person and any who dont or do some minor crime get sent to a concentration camp to be tortured with their families.. and no matter what we do were screwed the country has already been run into the ground theyre just trying to keep our minds off whats important by controlling certain industries and the media for what they want us to see and know. we all need to ditch the country and scramble to new ones that are thriving or go back to basics and forget all this unnecessary shit.
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