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We made it weird Marvelers!

This week's Mad Lib features some fun from Deadpool, Loki, and Bucky. And here it is:
Bucky was snuggled up on the couch watching an episode of Zorse Chimichanga Testers, his favorite reality tv series. He just wanted a quiet night in.
He heard the doorbell ring.
Grumbling, Bucky got up from his sparkling nest and answered the door.
Deadpool was there, holding the bloody stump of his butt in his hand.
"Hey buddy!" Deadpool grinned. "I had some trouble just now, can I come in."
Bucky just stared.
"You've got a little blood on your... blood."
Deadpool shifted, revealing a very overcooked Loki beside him.
"I'll tell you all about it after some beer."
Bucky shrugged thinking *the future sure is weird* as he let the two of them in.
"Please tell me you have food," Deadpool muttered. "I'd kill for some snacks right now. I'd eat a moose."
"Fridge," Bucky waved at the kitchen. "Be careful of the Merica! and Heath Ledger in there."
Loki stood by the door, looking awkward. Bucky took pity on the colorful guy.
"Nice to meet you. What's your name?"
"I am Loki, God of Asgard and the one true King. And you are?"
"My friends call me Bucky."
Loki blinked. *Humans are so weird* he thought.
Deadpool came out of the kitchen carrying a plate full of foolish rings. "I'm so hungry I could eat an elephant. Two maybe."
"Right." Bucky sighed. "So... what happened to you two exactly?"
"Oh that!" Deadpool grinned. "Well see I caught him flirting with my girl-"
"You can't date death!" Loki pushed. "It's too hard!"
"That's what she said," Deadpool grinned, then deflated. "No, that's actually what she said. It's really sad." He started sobbing like a spongy child.
Bucky broke, looking at the two of them. "You're getting blood on my floor and you smell like Steve Rogers [editor's note: Steve Rogers smells like stubbornness and freedom]. What did you need me for exactly?"
"Well!" Deadpool grinned. "I figured you're the authority on the bro code here. Help us settle this one."
Loki nodded. "It's only fair."
Bucky hated. "Can't you toss a coin or something? Or just like... ask Death what she wants?"
Loki pulled out his spoons and rolling pin. "Or we could fight TO THE DEATH."
Deadpool skipped. "I can't die! That's not fair!" He shook his head. "We'll have a bake-off or something. Best cookie dough wins." He pointed at Bucky. "You'll eat it, right!"
Bucky retreated back to the couch. "As long as you're both quiet, knock yourselves out."
Loki and Deadpool bolted to the kitchen. Bucky closed his eyes in frustration.
"And clean up after yourselves! I don't want to have to torch the place after you're done in there."
Bucky decided he didn't need to try and figure out what the panda noises were about.

This... might have been the weirdest one yet.

Thank you so much to @LenaBlackRose @BladeChild7 @Krystalstar22 @Danse @loftonc16 @DarthRevan @DanaMichelle and @trin1991 for making this happen! Honestly I will never look at our spongey child Deadpool the same way again.
I hope the Mad Lib crew appreciates this one! @YoSoySoysauce @loftonc16 @lanejlzero @Marichel @ChibiFox @Danidee @CandaceJordan @raenel @chris98vamg @EmrysHeartnet @amobigbang @maxi217 @RositaGamboa @nobankai @LAVONYORK and as always let me know if there's a character you'd like to see on Monday!
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@shannonI5 like hel, the queen of nifelheim land of the dead?
@Krystalstar22 oooh that's gonna make it weird
@Danse lol I hope you got your food!
@shannonl5 Yeah I got it and walked out still laughing. 馃槀 It was awesome.
@Danse lol I'm glad for you :D