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This is one of my most recent Instagram posts. I've been really lagging behind on my drawings lately. I'm always stressing about my next drawing, hoping people will like it. Anyway, this particular one is of Eureka from the anime Eureka Seven. I started to binge watch this anime recently. I never thought that I would get this interested in a robot suit kind of anime, but I really love Eureka Seven. Atleast I do so far.
Thank you! @Butterflyblu So, the rest of the series is just as amazing? I really love it so far, but I'm always afraid it'll go down.
Wow, really?! Thanks! It really means a ton to hear that. @VinMcCarthy
This was my first anime
@Renvisko yeah, I really liked it. I was worried about the same thing. It's a little different, but beautiful and interesting. The connections that AO make to the the original story are emotional and touching. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. :)
Fantastic art!! I loved the entire Eureka7 series.
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