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JungKook kicked me in the ass because I beat him at MarioKart8

"Get uuuuup." You tugged on JungKook's leg, trying your absolute hardest to pull him from underneath the blanket. Kookie only groaned out and kicked at your hands with his free foot. He came in well before dawn, probably spent the whole night at the company, and just plopped face first into your bed. It fine at first, you cuddled up to him even though he smelled of sweat, but now it was nearly noon. You been able to go get groceries, come back and cook them before he even so much as moved. "Kookie get out of bed, I need to wash the sheets and lunch is getting cold." You tugged at his foot once more, this time he stuck his head out from under the comforter. "You made food?" His voice was heavy with sleep and it caused you to smile. "I did, now come on." You smacked at his leg ",Get up, eat, and then go take a shower." JungKook sat up, rubbing at his eyes that were still filled with sleep. He nodded, moving from the bed and following you into the small living room. "Where's your mom?" JungKook questioned when you handed him his food and took a seat next to him. "Business trip, she'll be back next week. Answer me this, why did you come over? Is it because I feed you?" "That and I didn't feel like going home. It's our free day, got any plans?" "Video games," You took a bite of your lunch and thought over if you actually needed to get anything done today ",and I've got to pick up some paperwork from mom's office tonight." Cleaning up after eating, JungKook took a quick shower and met you back in your room. The system already set and waiting for him to join in.
"YASSS!" You jumped up from your bed, yelling out over your victory. Dancing around the small space and celebrating, you were rubbing it in JungKook's face. He sat on the bed, glaring causing you to double over. His angry face was incredibly cute and "I will shoot!" You tripped up, falling to the floor from laughing. JungKook had moved from the bed and taken up Nerf gun that sat on your desk. He was aiming directly at you with a look of total seriousness on his face. You fell over to your side and smack the floor, JungKook had pulled the trigger but nothing shot out. "Yah! Don't laugh!" Suddenly you bolted up right, looking at him with wide eyes. Gapping at him for a moment before scrambling to your feet. "Did you just kick me in the ass?" "Don't kill me!" You pounced, knocking JungKook back to the bed. "Say you're sorry JungKook." Mercilessly you beat him over the head with a pillow, both of you laughing. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Y/N I'm sorry."
So it probably wasn't the best story time but was it okay?
OMG I love u and the story lol thank you lol I just noticed jungkook hat says dope and there mv is called dope lol. people Thnks Yo our kookie snap back dats why the mv was called dope
That's was cute. Good story
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