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These are a few drawings I did months ago for my cousins birthday. He had never seen AOT. He had never seen not 1 anime. However, when he saw I loved it, he told me to pick an anime and slam it down for him. A few drawings and the dvd to binge made him a huge fan of this anime.
awesomesauce XD. It took me a while to get into the anime but once I did I really liked it. the art style of the show is so particular, so unique (from what I've seen of anime at large)
Yeah, exactly! I thought the art style was really interesting actually. Although whenever someone gets angry or sad, their eyes are a little too overboard, but still pretty in some way. It's a bold move, really. The style really works and most people don't even notice how unique it truly is unless they pay close attention. @VinMcCarthy