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just wanted to share with my Vingle family!
so this is my girlfriend and my overhaul from a recent anime convention we went to. of coursw, we had to rush the kpop dealers table and this is what we walked away with. I think my favorite purchase from this haul is either the Min Suga Hip Hop monster figure or the Baekhyun power of Light hat. What is your favorite kpop related purchase on your collection so far? @kpopandkimchi @JohnEvans and everyone else
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@ryanparriola I love all of this stuff and unfortunately(especially the Suga hat) I do not have any kpop related things sadly...you can give me some of yours if you like lolXD(joking) I do hope to get a BTS hoodie or VIP light stick soon. :)
Haha it's called a "Nom-whal" that I bought for my girlfriend at a convention .. the dealers were called "Tasty Peach Studios"