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Today the final episode of She Was Pretty was released on Viki. Yay! it had a happy ending.... (credit to owner of this creative image, that I love!)
but BOO! I won't be able to wonder "what will happen next?" and most importantly SEE SiWon!! :'(
All the times he made us laugh!! All the times he made me "fall in love with him" all over again!! Thank you SiWon! However, I write this post because (as many of you might know and according to what I heard) SiWon IS GOING TO THE ARMY.
yes, he is going to the army. Although I knew that this was his last project before the army, I didn't know that the drama would be over so fast! I follow SiWon on Instagram and all his hilarious and sweet post will be missed, :(
and fans.. we often see the army as an opportunity for our idols and artists, as a time to get buff/get abs but honestly speaking SiWon's abs are already perfect (he and we already know that!) But, we will wait for him.
Aw man, he'll be missed! I say we watch all his dramas and random suju tv appearances until he gets back lol (that will take us 18 months right?!)
@kpopandkimchi & @ercurrent yes! definitely, watch everything over and over to not miss him! :)
I actually did cry just like Gong Hyojin
King of drama is pretty nice, I like his character there too. he was not a lead, but the parts where he appears are cool, xD
@kpopandkimchi yay good plan!
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