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Deadpool, We've Got Bad Blood

And you know we used to be mad love.

Well okay, nothing will change my love for Deadpool. But just announced that artist Rob Liefeld will be returning to Marvel, working on the character he helped create. Which is kind of cool but also cringe-worthy because Liefeld is notorious for being a kind of terrible artist. Which isn't a reputation you want your lead artist to have.

Case in point: Deadpool's thunder thighs.

Granted, a lot has changed since the 90s.

The art style (and proportions) have shifted over the years. People have things like feet, for example. But... this feels like a reputation that's gonna follow Liefeld around until he dies. Am I wrong?
just cuz someone is bad at something doesn't mean not to give them a chance to prove what they're really worth. but that's just my opinion.
His Quads are so huge!! I want them lol...But ya Dead pool should be proportionate all around not one body pary bigger then the other ha
Whether his reputation precedes him or not is irrelevant. All that truly matters is whether his art style has changed or not. Although in my experience, it's rare for artists to do a total 180; so we'll probably get something akin to your pictures.
Yea so this announcement sounds like return of the thighs snd tris for me lmao!
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