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This card is my entry for the contest that @hikaymm is hosting. The drawing of Itachi I drew myself a while back. To be honest, I can see why it would be easier to hate Itachi Uchiha. He killed the Uchiha clan, ruined Sasuke and gave his little brother the lust for blood, right? Well, it's true. However, people aren't always what they seem. Maybe I'm just being a silly pisces who sees the good in everything, even murderers. But, Itachi spared his little brother and ultimately gave him a strong purpose. Now, that's what any normal person would say about his positive side. Although, I feel his pain easily. I know what it's like to love a sibling and havimg to face the task of leaving them. I've witnessed pain and Itachi has a story that I've never related to so much with any other anime character. He is fictional, but when my little sisters were living in fear, far far away, he gave me the courage to stand up for my family, even though they hated me and never understood I was their older brother. I feel the most sympathy towards Itachi and I only wish I could jump into the anime and resolve his problems, however that's not the case. There's no complicated reason to why I love this particular character, no excuses. You could say, well, I feel like he was somewhat of an imaginary friend, an older brother to me who I could rely on to help me save my own family in the real world. As he fell to Sasuke, he apologized for it being the last time. But really, isn't it the first? His influence goes on to others like me. Fight for what you love, your dreams, your family and your friends. Fight and never give up hope, even if it means the ones you love hate you.
Thank you so much, but practice litterelly makes perfect. Everyone has this talent, just not all choose to pursue it. @Butterflyblu
You're really good, @Renvisko. I wish I had this particular talent. I absolutely agree with you and @VinMcCarthy.
Yeah, and I bet most people would abandon everything, considering the situations he was placed into. They would even lose there sanity and only care for their own life. But, Itachi stayed strong and protected everything until the end. I really admire that. @VinMcCarthy
@renvisko exactly! he did everything he did (more or less) for sasuke. He made Sasuke into the man he is today, and gave him the necessary tools to become a truly powerful and ideally well-intentioned ninja.
I'm glad someone else agrees with me. You explain it much better, but yes, I see him as someone who's willing to go far for what he loves. He may be called a villain, but in the end, he was a savior. @VinMcCarthy
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