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Bonjour mes amis!

Everybody loves a little romantic French now and then. Let me welcome you to the world of this beautiful language with a few words that'll come in handy when you fall in love.

Romantic Words

Je t'aime = I love you
Romantique = romantic
Un rencart = a date (old-fashioned term)
Un rendezvous = a date or meetup (new fashioned term)

Getting Asked on a Date

Voulez-vous... = Would you like to...
prendre un café = have coffee
dîner = have dinner
prendre un verre/boire un coup = have a drink
aller au cinéma = go to the movies
se promener = go for a walk
ensemble = together
avec moi = with me


Oui, j'aimerais bien. = Yes, I'd love to.
Non, merci. = No thank you.

Cute French Pet Names

ma puce = my flea (this may sound weird but it's very common and adorable)
mon chéri / ma chérie = my dear
mon chou = my darling (literally, my cabbage... but that's another story)
mon coeur = my heart
ma caille = my quail (old fashioned)

L'amour est tout ce qu'il faut = Love is all you need! :)

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