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This is amazing to find, all my life I made mistakes and did the best I could and every step has made it up tell now and every step the one thing that always made me feel happy when I was in that dark place was people who wasn't suffering. its wonderful to know someone can live happy with the people around them. Happiness is contagious! live life to the fullest.
This opens so many doors if you think about it. its like a saying "if you don't like who you are today change yourself tomorrow" you are who you want to be. deep inside we all know were strong even when we are at the breaking point because do we break? yes a little but not enough to completely shatter with that it makes you stronger. Never give up on your dream of who you want to be and the place you need to be.
Words of strength
Don't ever think your life is not important, even if its not just know your heart you are linked to many around you and out comes can be painful. its not just you :)
Our future is unpredictable. so when your in the darkness remember that tomorrow could be that day your life gets better or you find what you may be looking for. Never give up...the day you do is when YOU choose to lose.
@mchlyang I love to help people so hearing that really dose make me Happy. I hope to continue to do that for you
These quotes are wonderful...I've been a bit down these days but thank you. This has helped me a lot!