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wow! Amazing speed and ice-coverage. And, most gracious! This fan camera version lets me know the reason why she is great skater. I think that her performance makes jumps mean just one of factors which the program is composed. In her performance, all jumps which are organically linked with other moves are very harmonious with whole program without disturbing flow of performance. Her performance tells "This is real figure skating" Because of pressure and fear of mistake in jump, most skaters don't express the harmony between jumps and other moves. But, the great skaters understand very well the co-relationship between jumps and other moves in whole concept of their program. She is like this kind of skater. This is one of differences which makes her superior to other skaters. For being this kind of skater like Yuna, surely, there is a condition to be needed. Skater must have the ability which makes difficult jumps seem like very natural and smooth. Anyway, she is one of greatest skater which shows how skater's technical completion becomes artistic completion in the program.