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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Hitohira no Hanabira by Stereopony (Bleach)

Stereopony is a band that only lasted only 5 years unfortunately but the legacy they left in the anime world will not be forgotten. Starting with this song (Bleach ending #17). They have also made songs for: Mobile Suit Gundam, Yatterman, Darker than Black and Tegami Bachi. The band focused mostly on anime songs and with good reasons.
Here's the Original MV for the song. Their music is a mix of Pop and classical J-Rock and they do an excellent job on grabbing that "Anime theme" (at least for those times) perfectly. I actually started listening to anime music with Bleach and I was shocked when they disbanded but what can I do...I will never forget the legacy they've left behind.

Bleach has so many amazing songs! Which one's your favorite?

Close your eyes and listen~

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@EmilianoMacias just be careful in the future ^^ I didnt mind as Ive already watched Bleach but its for all the people in community
yea my bad馃榿
I am not a bleach fan but the song, I can dig it ^.^
Bleach is one of my favorite anime
this song was amazing! good stuff @rosepark