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As a kid, my Father was the highlight of my life. He introduced me to my heritage and gave me much purpose in life. Instead of playing with dolls or figurines and trucks like my Mother wanted me to, I would play pretend. But more specifically, I would pretend to be Ashitaka fighting alongside a band of wolves, Howl trying to steal people's hearts so to speak, and I loved to be Haku as a dragon from Spirited Away and scold my friends on their cleaning. That's right, cleaning. I litterelly proposed that my friends and I go across the floor with wet towels, back and forth, as fast as we could. I grew up with Ghibli films. I grew up surrounded by magical words I thought were real as a kid. To this day, these films from Miyazaki inspire me. And so, I like to draw his characters from time to time. I was especially proud of my drawing of NausicaƤ recently because it was so vibrant and it just made me happy to look at it. And of coarse, the colored collage of characters was for my sister and giving her a gift is a memory I'll treasure forever, because for that one moment, she told me she still had it and she said it meant a lot to her. That alone meant the world to me. I made her happy. The one for my Father was not too marvelous, but I took a large amount of time on that one because I would be putting it outside with my Father's ashes, and in the rain. Ghibli is amazing, the impact it puts on people, especially children.