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@DigitalJediX I'm definitely glad that digital is an option now- it's perfect for being on the road. I've been wondering lately how it effects sales though? Since often whether or not a comic is continued is based on the sales of the first issue- but does digital count towards that?
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@shannonl5 From what I've heard, digital is incorporated after the first weeks sales. Kind of like the Neilsens where tv shows that are DVR'd and such are counted after that episodes airtime ratings are counted.
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@DigitalJediX ah gotcha. That doesn't sound too bad I guess?
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@shannonl5 Yeah... It's not too bad. It's also another way a book can survive. Some good titles that don't sell as well as the company would like, or books that do better digitally than in store could be moved to an all digital format. Less production costs.
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@DigitalJediX that's very true. The artists and writers can keep working, and not have to worry about distribution. It probably could help comic book stores too since they don't usually have a lot of space for new inventory, they can judge by digital sales what they should get extra copies of
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