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awwahhh cositas

everyone so excited to see kumamon hahaha awwww v and kumamon bowing to each other this one of my favorite part but awwahh suga

AWWWWAHHHHHH SUGA!!!! this is the cutest freakin thing ever!!! Suga what are u doing to me?! This made me love him more!!!! AWWAHHH he was so excited

i would react the same i just love it it look like he meet his hero he was the only one who ran up to kumamon..........

he look so cute i loved it awwahhh..........

he look like a little kid awwwwahhhh he even moved v so he could be the one hugging him awwwahhhh suga

i wish i found it in subs but i couldn't this all i found well that i wanted to share hahaha bye vingle fam love you :[] <3
who ever is in that suit is lucky as hell :) You go person hug em :')
I wouldn't be surprised if Suga decided to marry kumamon
jhope looked scared at first and suga is freaking adorably cute
That might be the most adorable thing Ever. <3
j-hope looked so scared 😂
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