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The Tunnel of love in Ukraine (during winter) Will definitely go there if i ever have a b.f
The Black Forest in Germany.
The Tianzi Mountain peaks in China. (The Hallelujah Mountain in Avatar was inspired by these)
The Fly Geyser in Nevada. It was just an ordinary man-made well drilled in the early 1900s. Eventually piping hot, geothermally heated water began to rise through cracks in the well and up to the ground鈥檚 surface through what is now Fly Geyser. It spews waters about five feet high!
Some people call it the Enchanted Forest! It definitely inspired a few fairy tales :) @humairaa
Totally inspiring
Maaaan. the black forest is probably the most important area that I need to travel too. it's just majestic.
I've been to the Black Forrest in Germany and it's beautiful! Though I would say it's more green than blue or black Xd
These are all such beautiful places!
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