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alrite, you want 5 reasons? FIEN HERE ARE 5 REASONS: 1) You are too adorable. i am sorry, but you are too adorable. 2) Your smile. YOUR BUNNY SMILEEEE 3) You are the sweetest, most accomplished maknae I've ever seen. 4) Jimin. Jimin. 5) Your english is too fluffy. I am spazzing.
when it said sugar but end up saying suga I really have a habit of saying suga instead of sugar
your adorable goofy side, your voice is like a peek inside of heaven, the way all our members care for you says your awesome, your dancing, your english, and how you always want to become a better singer
Same... My friend was talking about red bean jelly and I said "it's not just red bean!! It has read bean AND SUGA!" And then it dawned...I am too much into this fandom馃槀馃槀馃檴 my friend kept teasing me... She's like SUGA~~ and PEOPLE LOOK AT ME LIKE IM WIERD *cough cough* @sunnydaebak @EmilyGardner