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Minimal Jewelry Is The New Chunky Necklace

The bigger, the better or so they say.

When it comes to jewelry, the days of big being on trend are long gone. Minimal is in and I think it's here to stay. From dainty earrings to midi rings and thin chains around the neck -- it screams girly. Wave goodbye to the chunky necklaces, oversized rings and hoops bigger than your head. Although the big jewelry trend was a pretty great time in the world of fashion, let's all agree that dainty is better. I've been drooling over the minimalist trend lately and although I've given up on jewelry for some time, this trend makes it easy for me to give it another shot. If you're not really a jewelry person or just want to switch things up, keep scrolling to see how minimal jewelry will make you feel and look like such a lady.

The Minimal Earring

The Minimal Rings

The Minimal Necklace

The Minimal Bracelet

Are you ready to take this minimal lifestyle by storm?

This jewelry is telling me yes.
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