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This is very sad
Today I woke up so refresh and took my phone and was reading stuff about Kpop and saw read it and it made me sad. How could a person think like this. They are friends because they want to be not because one is better than the other. It's just sad that someone can think like that ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️🙁🙁🙁🙁😞😞😞😞😫😫 Hater are going to hater
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Lol this person is clearly new to kpop and very exo biased. In all honesty, I feel the reason for Exos super rapid popularity growth is because they are from SM. While they do have the talent, SMs monster marketing team got them fame before their debut and pre debut mvs. If Vixx was in SM, theyd be just as "accomplished" as exo. New kpop comers seems to forget that idols are people before they are entertainers and think they have some sort of right that lets them dictate the lives of their favorite idols. Idols can befriend whoever they like.
this is terrible that isn't how friend ship works. they are friends because they get along and are both awesome people. But to say vixx doesn't deserve them is terrible.
Who wrote this? Because they are a terrible human being... EXO can BE FRIENDS with whoever they want, they can BE MENTORS to whoever they want and they can DO whatever they want! They are human beings first and foremost. So you haven't done what they have, so according to your logic you aren't good enough for them either. You haven't done anything VIXX has either so you aren't in their league either... Does that sting a bit? It should... (Not saying this to the maker of this card) people are so mean. Seriously, not a lot of groups EXO's age around doing what they do... They can make friends wherever the hell they please, I just want them to be happy.
Why are fandoms hating on each other? Aren't we supposed to support one another? How dare this person try to start stuff. Vixx is my fav out of the two bands here but I love EXO as well! They are both really awesome bands. ugh
No need to hate on either group, both are incredibly talented, and work equally as hard, evident through their strong stages. This person obviously said all of this either to gain attention or to incite a response from others. Enough said.
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