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When you think of Bloomie's, you think of high fashion.

At least that's what most people would think of. Like most companies, Bloomingdale's decided to get a bit creative with their new holiday advertisement this year. Unfortunately, their creativity was lacking. Instead of gaining consumers, they didn't really gain much -- other than some unhappy customers. As we all know, date rape is extremely common on college campuses in the United States amongst other counties and it's a topic that a lot of people don't take too lightly. According to an article posted on, "Up to 90% of college campus rapes occur through date rape incidents." Talk about unnecessary. You know what else is unnecessary? Bloomingdales making a [not so funny] date rape joke in their holiday catalog advertisement. Of course being the establishment they are, they apologized -- but can their 'unintentional' joke be justified? Why joke about a subject that is extremely touchy? We will see just how much business they have this holiday season -- or lack their of. How about that for a joke?

Are consumers taking the Bloomingdale's ad a bit out of context?

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exactly @KishaCarver! Back in the day, whether or not there was a subliminal message or not, you understood it for what it meant and moved on. Obviously I'm not talking about crime or hurting people. Also, if you were offended, yiu didn't force the majority to change to fit your minority viewpoint. Also, there wasn't a militant style of communicating ideas. if you don't agree with something, don't buy the merchandise, don't vote for that candidate, don't watch that show, don't eat at that restaurant. ..
@marshlledgar I am glad I am not the only one who views this as a good light hearted joke, maybe because I still have a sense of humor and was taught there are things bigger in life than MY FEELINGS.
@kishacarver I couldn't agree with you more! !! as a copywriter, it is overly emphasized Best Friend. and it's obviously meant to be light hearted and fun. the visuals make it clear too, that it is the woman who is doing the spiking, not the man. I'm so exhausted with how damn sensitive and how easy people get offended.
I just hope who ever thought this was a good idea got a stern talking too... @jordanhamilton! lol
I think they have taken it down since, but I agree this was so not cool at all @nicolejb
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