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When you think of Bloomie's, you think of high fashion.

At least that's what most people would think of. Like most companies, Bloomingdale's decided to get a bit creative with their new holiday advertisement this year. Unfortunately, their creativity was lacking. Instead of gaining consumers, they didn't really gain much -- other than some unhappy customers. As we all know, date rape is extremely common on college campuses in the United States amongst other counties and it's a topic that a lot of people don't take too lightly. According to an article posted on, "Up to 90% of college campus rapes occur through date rape incidents." Talk about unnecessary. You know what else is unnecessary? Bloomingdales making a [not so funny] date rape joke in their holiday catalog advertisement. Of course being the establishment they are, they apologized -- but can their 'unintentional' joke be justified? Why joke about a subject that is extremely touchy? We will see just how much business they have this holiday season -- or lack their of. How about that for a joke?

Are consumers taking the Bloomingdale's ad a bit out of context?

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Although I agree with everything you said, I'm well aware of everything going on and this wasn't written to downplay any of that. Before you assume just make sure you get where the other person is coming from. As a writer, everyone has their own opinion. Trust me, I'm well aware of EVERYTHING taking place in the world. If I was a news reporter I would focus on everything else because it obviously needs to be heard, but seeing as how I usually focus my cards on fashion, beauty and relationships this is where this card fell under. Trust me my eyes are open. Just make sure next time you try to justify something, you have all your facts. I didn't write this to downplay anything else in the world. I wrote this to inform. You had every right to comment, but pointing the finger and saying I need to open my eyes, etc. hmmmm, let's not do that. @KishaCarver
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@jordanhamilton and therein lies a portion of the problem. I never specifically said you @jordanhamilton need to open your eyes, I stated that for everyone in general who has not opened their eyes or knows what is going on in our own country currently. Therefore you only proved my point that you are so wrapped up in you, that you made assumptions that the hurt your feelings and took it as a personal attack when it was a mere observation and MY Opinion, which you asked for on your card. So, because I didn't agree with you it then became an attack on you, hence part of the sensitive and offended by everything portion of the society that I was talking about. Thank you for proving my point.
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When a person says, "before you assume just make sure you..." normally a person would believe that the person commenting was referring to them especially if they wrote the card, but maybe that's just me. Trust me you didn't hurt my feelings at all lol just don't want disrespect on my card that's all. I totally get what you're saying, I even went as far as to say that I agreed. But at the end of the day I wrote this to highlight Bloomingdales and what was going on with them. You clicked on the card so obviously you were intrigued in some way. I didn't prove any point, just make sure next time you comment on a persons specific card you verify who the "you" is that you happen to be referring to. That is all :)
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@KishaCarver and don't think I didn't appreciate your opinion because I did. Like you said, I asked for it. I just wasn't clear on who the "you" was that you were referring to. A misunderstanding. You're entitled to your opinion, as am I.
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@marshalledgar and @ kishacarver I agree with you two smart people. Thankyou
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