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I pray that it won't be delayed again...I don't think my heart would be able to take it.

And with all this waiting I'm expecting some big stuff!! Which I'm sure they'll deliver like always. ∩_∩

I miss these idiots so much!! Who else is pumped for their comeback???

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whats the exact date though? I needa know 😈 cannot wait ! eek!
@talimarks November 30th! @saraortiz2002 that is the best welcome to Kpop that I've gotten! I noticed that there are a lot of comebacks this month but I just though everyone would be excited to hear their new music and see their new music videos and their promotions for the new album.
@saraortiz2002 Thanks for explaining it :) @SamanthaRae19 Yeah you'll get to know that us fangirls are really crazy lol
@SamanthaRae19 aww thank you! its an honor. :) @thePinkPrincess ;) gotcha covered.
@samanthatrae19 thank you ((;