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I love creative writing. I love meaningful writing. And I love when writing makes you feel and think of somebody or something. I love POWERFUL writing. So, recently, some things have been changing in my life and I've been attempting to work out the best plan of action. Naturally, when you're lost and confused, you go to Tumblr and look up the hashtag breakup or love poem, and proceed to connect to every damn picture and written embodiment of your sorrows. No? Just me? Haha Since I haven't been feeling like writing anymore recently, I've been depending on other people's creations. "My head just ain't what it used to be... But what's the point anyway?" Well, it was about 3 A. M. when I stumbled onto "Everything We Could Be" by Kylyn Abat (explicitly-iridescent). (I run into a lot of things on Tumblr and I usually lose them, so I'll probably make a series out of this. I'm not sure if people will follow it, but it's also for my pleasure and a storage of things that I do not want to lose ^.^ It would probably be a good idea to supply the link to their Tumblr, but I don't know if they would be okay with it, so I think I will just supply the name of the work and then the author of. I'll check to see if that is enough information to find the page of the poster/creator, so if you want to put in that slight effort to find them, you can!)
Look, I get that we aren’t together. I get that we probably never will end up together; that you’ll never love me as much as I love you; that you’ll never look at me the way I gaze at you; that you’ll never understand how it feels to be so deeply and completely and utterly immersed in someone else that is only willing to take a tip toe in the shallow waters. I get it, it’s fine. I mean, it’s not, but I’ll be okay. I mean it’s not my lost. You know why? Cause I lost someone who never loved me and you lost someone who was in love with you.  You lost someone who would have been willing to run to the ends of the earth if you asked them to. You lost someone who would’ve felled cities, waged wars, died a million lifetimes, and lose everything they had for you.  You know what sucks? You complain about your shitty boyfriend/girlfriend, about your self obsessed crush, about that person you like/love so much, saying how they never appreciate you and will never love you enough right in front of my face. Like, hey, I’m right here, you know? I could love you. I could be enough.  I would have shown you the beauty in the world, because you were not only beautiful, but made the world around you beautiful. I could listen to you talk about anything and everything and nothing for hours, days, weeks at no end, rambling about nonsense and everything that makes sense. I would cheer you up, make you smile, because if there’s one of the things you weren’t made for, it’s for frowns. I would always be by your side, more loyal than any dog or pet. I would always have your back, side, front, or any angle you might fall from. I would always be right there for you, ready to hold you when you fall, ready to put you back together when you break, and ready to shower you with love and affection when you needed it. Do you realize how goddamn amazing we could’ve been? How absolutely breathtaking our existence would be around each other? We could touch stars, hearts, and souls. We could jump and fall together, knowing we’ll catch each other before plummeting onto the hard ground, and if we do miss, we’ll help each other back up. We would always be silly and serious at the same time, laughing and crying, living and dying, loving and maybe hating. We could be together. I could deserve you and you would deserve me. We could have chances, do overs, and second shots. We could have mistakes, slip ups, and wrong choices. We could have tears from laughing and crying, and painful cheeks from smiling and frowning. Most importantly, we could have each other. And I would have my world. We could look at each other and see the endless and infinite possibilities of the universe. Heck, I look at your eyes and I see eternity resonated in them, I see the galaxy reflected in your orbs, swirling mist, dancing planets, glowing stars, burning suns, dying black holes, exploding meteors. I see you.  But, no. That’s not the path you chose.  You look into my eyes and you can’t even see a single star. You let us crash and burn before we could fly. You let us die before we could live. You broke our promises before they could be made. Made apologies for mistakes yet to be made. Hated someone before you could love them. You let everything we could be, become everything we are not.
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So true...Love it!