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With new seasons come new fragrances.

At least for myself. I'm all about a good scent that I can wear throughout the week. I feel like every woman -- and man, should have a signature scent that they love for both the spring/summer and fall/winter months. What you wear in the warmer months might not be as appealing or stand out as much during the cooler months -- and vice versa.
It took me a little while, but I finally found my fall/winter scent after smelling over fifty different scents in Sephora last weekend. If you're into woodsy and light fragrances, believe me when I say that you will absolutely fall in love with Marc Jacob's new perfume, Decadence. Not only is the packaging and the scent mesmerizing, but the name is just as beautiful. Not sure what scent suits you best? Check out the video [seen above] that will be sure to help you with a few tips to live by when it comes to finding the perfect fragrance. Just keep it mind, what smells amazing on someone else -- might not smell the same way on you.
I thought I was the only one who paid attention to how I smelled in certain seasons!
Nope! Not at all :) @sugakookie