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Seth Rogen and Justin Bieber has been at war with each other for awhile now.
Back in January of 2014, Seth Rogen weighed in and tweeted, “All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of sh*t.” A few months later, Rogen clarified his remarks to Howard Stern, basically saying that Bieber had acted like a diva when the two had met backstage at a talk show. Bieber responded to Rogen’s remarks with an apology on Twitter.Then in March of 2015, Bieber tweet-spammed Rogen begging him to appear on his Comedy Central roast. Rogen declined.
Finally, it seems as if the two ready to let bygones be bygones and squash the beef.
Yesterday, Rogen appeared on Ellen to speak on the issue and wanted to put the past behind him. Bieber later came out wearing a Seth Rogen mask and the two hugged it out, squashing the beef mafia style.

Shoutouts to Ellen for making this happen, she's the real MVP.

Ellen is the Best. <3
Ellen is the bomb, and I loved that she did that. She seems like the type to want to make situations better. :)
She's the ultimate peace keeper! #EllenforPrez!