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Tracy Kiss is a former model who has a very troubling skin problem: Rosacea. The condition, which turned Kiss’s face red and produced pus-filled bumps on her face.
Kiss was unable to find any over the counter treatments to help with the issue and turned "nature" to help solve the problem, and by nature I mean the core of our roots.
Kiss, who’s now a fashion blogger, is advocating semen facials to solve skin care issues.
Here’s what Kiss told The Mirror, via The Huffington Post:
“Semen builds babies, they come out very soft and have beautiful skin, and it leaves my skin nice and soft, so I’m very happy to use this as a facial,” she said, according to the Mirror.
“It feels like a face pack that pulls the skin inwards, it feels so glossy to wipe it off. It’s like having a kind of oil on the face or a wax where it just glides beautifully against the water. It’s so cooling and soothing.”
The Huffington Post reports that Kiss isn’t the first person to swear by treatments that include male bodily fluids. According to HP, both Heather Locklear and Helen Gurley Brown (of Cosmopolitan fame) claim that the facials do wonders.
Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't a free pass to start smearing semen all over to solve skin problems as there is a method to the madness (poor choice of words.. but eh.) For those who look to walk on the wild side ,Kiss writes that it’s best not to use the fluids of anyone who’s got a bad diet or stamina and to never go with an anonymous donor.
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