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Shit just got real in KFC land.

The world famous fried chicken company is looking to get chicken in the hands of people on the west coast by any means necessary.
KFC has announced it will begin delivering fried chicken in Los Angeles and San Francisco, marking the first time Colonel Sanders will be making deliveries in the United States.
KFC has partnered with DoorDash to process orders through its app or website, and Houston is supposedly the next city on the list, with possibly more to come.
The delivery comes with a hitch though, as the meal comes with steep delivery fee between $4.99 and $6.99.
When the mood strikes, I doubt anyone in L.A. or San Fran is going to care about a 4.99 fee to get door service on their food. This could change the game for KFC in the next calendar year.
Delivery chick is the best kind of chicken!!
Haha! This is kind of brilliant. Just think of all the drunk and/or high, hungry people who will stay of the streets when that craving settles in.
Truth @ButterblyBlu! It might save someone from driving to get chicken inebriated!
Benchmarking the Korean chicken industry, eh?
@mchlyang dude. If someone would deliver Korean and Chinese to me, it's all I would eat...