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The answer???? All of them!!!! My baby's are all cute ass shit!! I love them so much. with out anime, we in the Otaku community would not be the same. It change who I was as a person. I'm an addicted to cute things now!!! ___King Alpha
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I would definitely have to go with Asuna and the SAO world. but only because she is one of my favs and my waifu! my second choice would for sure be Yuno tho. I love her love. it's so demanding.
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As for where they are all from Brittney Casteel, it's a mix from my personal collection so many people may not notice all of them. Some are from SAO, a few are from Love, live. and of course future diary. Two of those lady's are from The complex guide but that show goes by a couple names. the rest are from various shows that I don't know the English name of and i don't remember the Japanese name of.
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i was suprised that guilty crown wasnt on here, but thank you so much! @alphadavinci
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sexy wolffff
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