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Just Ignore them
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I almost died trying to explain that to someone! smh 馃槕馃槕
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lol it's easier to just let them figure it out on their own
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When my little sister asked me what anime was, I told her, "Anime is a form of Japanese animation. It is not a collection of silly cartoons, but an endless variety of shows that introduce you to all the corners of human emotions, adventure, fantasy and life itself. It can bring you down and make you happy, but what's most important is that anime doesn't have a definition for the possibilities are endless." Anyway, I made it worse. She was 10 when I told her that, so yeah. And I may have showed her way too much anime with gore by accident to the point where her idea of anime is "death".
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@Renvisko that was actually a pretty good definition.
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Oh, really? I thought it was a little complicated or weird, but thanks! @DiamondBush
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