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If B.A.P were our brothers...
So based on all the B.A.P members' personalities, I've made guesses on what they would be like if they were our older brothers.


He would probably be a very protective brother.

This guy is my ub* because of his "older-brother aura". I feel like he would be kind of shy when expressing his love for his adorable little sister/brother... But when he catches you getting hurt by a couple of assholes, he'll make them scream bloody murder. Yongguk has a calm vibe to him that makes you feel comfortable when relying on him. And don't even get me started on that deep voice... * ub = ultimate bias/your very favorite member out of kpop as a whole!


The brother who is almost like a sister...

Our little Channie is definitely a sass queen. I feel like he would help you pick out an outfit for your first date and be there to assure you that you're perfect in every single way every time you ask (and he'll mean it every single time). But don't get comfortable: Your boyfriend will have to impress his high standards for his lovely sister ;)


The brother who eats like a whale, but looks like a noodle.

Mom says it's dinnertime? Better get to the table before your brother, or else you'll be eating like you're broke. Daehyun has a loud, attractive personality that will certainly brighten up your day. He seems like he's the type to put forth a lot of energy to make his sister smile despite his own crappy day.


Boyfriend? Please. Not on my watch.

Don't be fooled by his eye smile and those adorable, puffy cheeks. Youngjae will probably hunt down your boyfriend and teach him a lesson if he finds out about your relationship. I don't know, something about him says "Touch my sister and you die".

Jongup & Zelo

Dumb and dumber... for their sister.

These two idiots will treasure you like you're their own daughter. I just felt the need to put them together because they're just SO like twins (tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum AMIRIGHT). Jongup and Zelo are fun and playful and would totally adore their little sister as soon as they lay eyes on her. p.s. why do I feel like they're the type of kids who would yell their sister's name across the hall in school and run over to give her a big hug (especially Jongup)?


If you have any requests, I'll gladly take them~ (i.e - if EXO were dogs, if VIXX were colors, etc.)
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