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Might contain spoilers ⚠ ⚠ Season 8 chat The Winchester's have used plenty of weapons to take down different monsters, angels and demons! Today I am focusing of one of the Weapons they used to take down, Beau.
Yes, our darling Winchester Sam has welded Thor's Hammer! Details : In Norse mythology Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, god of thunder. At some point in time the hammer came to be in the possession of Plutus, the Greek god of greed, and put up for sale at one of his auctions. -not all text belongs to me, I do give credit to the author.
Sam was worthy and knew what he had to do! My family of Winchesters I will continue to add more content to my collection "Supernatural Sickness" also, if you make any cards please tag @lavonyork in the card, so I can add your wonderful card to the collection! Let's cross our fingers and hope Vingle hears our need for a Supernatural Community!
Love you Bobby!