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I know's been days without you hearing about my whereabouts...I'm not like officially coming back since we have limited internet but I wanted to let y'all know that I'm still alive ^_^ I'm sad that I can't K-Pop as much as I used to but I'm enduring pretty well! I'll try to update y'all when I can! If I don't answer you guys, you know why... Now, let's get reacting!

VIXX- Chained Up

I wouldn't say that I was satisfied with the M/V. I thought it was going to be similar to Voodoo Doll by the torturing part. Like since there was a chic, I thought, "She might have them on leashes or something and treat them like dogs!" But nope....hoped too much for nothing. Well not really for nothing but it was still top notch! Choreography was on point but don't get me started with their wardrobe and make-up...FLAWLESS!!!! Leo didn't satisfy me as much. His blonde hair is perfection! But Ken though, his wardrobe is just NOPE! And then Hongbin...oh goodness just please stop!!

MADTOWN- OMGT (Oh My God Thanks)

MADTOWN IS BACK AND I'M OVERJOYED!!!! BLONDE BUFFY FREAKING...JUST...NOPE!!! DAEWON SLAYED MY HEART LIKE FREAKING ALWAYS!!! But am I the only one that thinks that Jota looks like Taeyang in this comeback?! He looked fine as f***!!! But their choreography I LOVE!!!! It's something I would do after school is over! "Oh my god thanks~" MADTOWN slayed hard and I'm such a happy hamster!!! ^_^
I'm glad ur "sorta" back!!! :)
Haha, thanks @thePinkPrincess
@KpopGaby Meanwhile I was WORRIED she would put them on leashes in vixx's because I thought it would be too much ahahah XD I'm glad you're doing well!!
@byeolbit I'm telling you! I'm a dark person! I was expecting them being dragged and stuff, well that's my thought of a dark concept. Not just sexy dancing