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So it's gonna be CL's Korean comeback. Not 2NE1.
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I think they will be as good as EXO I really do. It may take them a bit but they have what it takes from everything I've seen so far. I love EXO but I don't love every member. Just don't but VIXX they seem really awesome. I'm just bad at names... I still forget members of SNSD sometimes and I've liked them for 3 years!... My brain just isn't good with names...
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that's why I made a PowerPoint with pictures of all the groups and members I know. just to make sure. I can pretty much name them easily but sometimes I just forget. @Bri26
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Haha I am the only person in my area that even likes Kpop so it only frustrates me. I'm really afraid of other EXO L's so I hide out as a SONE and a Starlight. I'm an undercover EXO L, they are scary....
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Except now, by their 2015 MAMA performance, they are back!
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I know.!!! I saw it.!!! I was so happy. I teared up when I saw Bom.!!!! @jacobsnyder
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