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opinions....Saitama would get his ass handed to him...I haven't watched one punch man yet and I know just by the title that his opponents are dead with one punch.....but come on all Anime ever created vs. him .. srry Saitama fans but that's my opinion
Hahahaha how would yugioh fight
Light could write his name in the death note too..
but what if Lelouch command him to punch himself and L and shikamaru and all the strategy anime character join together to plan the outcome remember this is all anime ever created joining together to beat Saitama
ooo this is tough. there are some characters that are overpowered as fuck, but this is saitama we are talking about, the man who was kicked to the moon and jumped down like it was no big deal, blocked a attack with one punch that ended up splitting clouds, destroyed boros, who is a planet-destroyer, AND HE WAS HOLDING BACK. Goku went all out on beerus and got his ass kicked. based off of what happened in both animes, if saitama ever fought beerus, i would put my money on saitama.
captain Ginyu could do a body swap
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