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Youtube is ready to take the music app streaming world by storm in 2015.
YouTube’s new music app, simply called YouTube Music and released on Thursday. It harnesses Google’s biggest strengths—their enormous amount of content and data—to create a music subscription service that has surprising standout qualities.
When you select a track to listen to on the app, it automatically creates an endless radio station based on that song, which is a very similar to what listening to YouTube on a web browser is like.
There's a free version of YouTube Music that's worth trying out, but a membership to YouTube's also new subscription service, YouTube RED, which costs $9.99 a month, offers more options that attempt to normalize using YouTube (a video service) for audio listening. In the paid version, you get an ad-free experience, the ability to play music in the background, and the option to listen to music offline (an offline playlist, called "offline mixtape," is sent to you every week with the option to download the whole things or just send select songs to your phone).
Youtube is one of the most powerful forces right now in music. This app will keep them on top for the next couple of years for sure.
They are seriously taking over everything......the entire universe is going to be run by Google one day.
Hmmm Interesing. I think it's an interesting solution to people just listening to music for free, but I don't get how this is so different from the recommended videos after you watch a music video?
Great ad as well!