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I'm finally on you guys. Hello, I'm Mari and I've been on Vingle for a while just haven't made a card because I rarely use my desktop. Well things are about to change! I'm hoping to continue to get on so I can make cards even if no one likes them.
Well let me tell you a bit about myself; I live in the States, I'm 18, in medical school (studying to be a Medical Assistant), and I came into the KPop world through One Direction. Let me explain lol so it was during the time of voting, as a Directioner, I was voting day and night for my boys to win, but of course my fandom lost to the ELF fandom. At the time of being hidden away from the amazing talent my reaction was "Who the heck are these Asians ELF? What kind of name is that?" so I began my research. Found out that Super Junior's fandom deserved that award I mean 1D didn't have a chance. So I continued with my research and here I am spending my free time obsessing over KPop Idols (P.S. I don't stalk I just love watching Korean videos). My whole summer was spent on KPop and I do not regret a single day.
Plus the KPop world is so much nicer compared to the 1D world. If I comment on a card you guys would either like my comment or we would have a small talk; with the 1D fandom I felt like an outsider even if I was in the fandom for 3 years (I'm still a fan of 1D but it's like eh).
My ULTIMATE BIAS is JACKSON WANG of GOT7! Like c'mon how can you not love Jackson?
So yeah thank you for accepting me into the KPop world and hopefully I'll make some cards soon.
Bye Bye~
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@xsandos17 oh gosh yes!! especially when choosing biases 😂😭
Hey!! Welcome to the community :D I must say, I have to agree with you when it comes to posting something hahah ^^ I'm glad you found Kpop because it's awesome!! :) Enjoy and again, welcome!
hai hai! that's a interesting way to find kpop XD yeah I'm never on my compute so I haven't made a card yet... in trying to learn.
@kchavens09 @xsandos17 It's true that cards are easier to make on the computer but actually it's pretty easy to make them on the app too!! I do it a lot :) you guys should try it out!! :D
(and tag me because if there's one thing i need more of in my life, it's kpop XD)