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Ahhhhh college, the craziest 4 (5....maybe 6) years of your life. In college you stay out late, party all night, wear sunglasses in class while eating a bagel, and hook up with whoever happens to catch your fancy, right?
Well....kind of right.
College is full of care free attitudes and can be a total party atmosphere, so casual dating and hook ups are the norm. But that doesn't mean that relationships are completely off the table.
So here are 5 tips to help you get though the War Zone that is the college dating scene. Trust me I would know, I am currently living with my college boyfriend. (Don't worry its going well.)

1. Have an open mind.

When you go away to college you will meet tons of people form all over the world. This means people will think, act, and believe very different things than you. Throw out the notion that you have a "type" because clearly that "type" isn't working for you and give that kid in your Econ class a chance. Don't forget, love springs up in the craziest of places.

2. Join a club or sport!

If you are looking to meet some actual potential relationshippers (not just the hammered usual you take shots with at the bar but avoid eye contact with in the harsh light of day), you need to join something! Being in a club or sport will give you the perfect opportunity to get to know each other sober. Plus you'll make a bunch of amazing friends and wont have to keep taking shots of random people who you refuse to admit you know. Thats a Win Win in my book.

3. Understand your likes, dislikes, and what makes YOU comfortable.

Dating can be super fun, and crazy, and thrilling. But it is also scary putting yourself out there. Make sure that you know exactly what you like and more importantly, what you don't like. Never be afraid to speak up or end a date early if you feel at any point uncomfortable or unsafe. Yes, that includes in the bedroom. Remember you aways reserve the right to say no. Knowing what you like and dislike will just make dating a lot more fun and easy.

4. Never judge a book by its (wasted) cover...but keep it in mind.

In all likely hood you will meet your future significant other in a bar. Or at least get drunk with them very early on in the "talking" stages. So if they act a little goofy and make some small mistakes, that should not be the end all be all of the relationship. However if they get aggressive, act rude, or completely change, keep that in mind. That will be who you have to deal with Thursday-Sunday.

5. Don't be afraid to stop looking and just have fun.

Relationships are awesome, but they aren't the best part about college. So if you find yourself getting discouraged, take a step back and go out just to have fun with your friends. Relationships happen when they happen, and GOOD relationships can't the rushed. So sit back, pour yourself a drink, and just let the night take you.
AWESOME card, @LizArnone!!! @Luci546 have you seen this one, my college friend? ;D This idea has been floating around my head for a while... do you mind if I do a part 2 card @LizArnone?? :D
Now I've seen it! :3 I like the card! never thought about it like this xD I'm already dating someone outside of my college, but maybe this works when I'm making "lasting college friends? " lately, it's been a myth to me @.@ lol
@AlloBaber omg obviously !!! I'd love to see your cards !!!! @Luci546 don't give up hope on those friends!! It'll work out! Long distance is rough but good for you for making it work