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I mean come on Sanji, we know your fabulous and all but how do. We gots to know your secret, (not that I am in desire of a smoke. No siree).
It's just one after the other. Sanji: "Welp, finished this one." *another cigarette magically appears* I mean let's go over a couple of Sanji' s best fights. Sanji vs. Gin *so emotional* Sanji vs. Jyabura Sanji vs. Jabra Gosh there are so much more. If I talk much more I'll start sounding like an anime groupie... Idk. The point is... The cigarette. It appears before the battle. During the battle. After the battle. It's like, damn. Sanji: *to enemy* "Wait! Wait just a second." *lights cigarette* "Alright, now to kick your ass." I don't know. I'm in need of answers. Yeee. Any thoughts?
It's in a different universe. Maybe they found the secret to eternal cigarettes already. Unless I'm mistaken, we never see one even run out, right?
It's his signature specialty to his personality. Haha I love how he always has a cigarette at the perfect moments. Almost as much as his wanted poster haha.
Yup. That amazing and mysterious skill of his.
I think this applies to any anime character with a known nicotine addiction. I'm watching Gintama right now, ane Hijikata just has cigarettes, anywhere, anytime.
Ik. You just have to wonder though. I gave up counting the number somewhere around the 200's and I'm only on season 5.