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The Matt Barnes-Derek Fisher fiasco got a lot of press, but Matt Barnes feels he isn't responsible for all of the negative press.
Barnes is annoyed with Fisher’s reaction to the tussle, blaming him for the battle having become tabloid fodder.
Via Beat writer Ben Blotch on twitter:
Matt Barnes on Derek Fisher: "We're 2 grown men who should have handled 2 grown men's business, but he wanted to run and tell the cops & NBA."
Matt Barnes: "The New York Post is run by the New York Knicks, so it's obviously a way of trying to make me look like the bad guy."
There is obviously a lot not confirmed on this story. All that been confirmed is that Matt Barnes was called to his ex-wife's house by his son after he heard "loud noise" between his mother and former teammate Derek Fisher in the home. No one has confirmed why he was there, or if they were in a relationship.

Is Derek Fisher a snitch for taking this issue to the press? Should this have been handled in-house?

I agree with @TravisBeck...Matt Barnes do need anger management classes
Matt Barnes needs anger management classes,,,lol
I think they should've handled one on one ...