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Almost done making Kaneki's Kagune, still having trouble figuring out how to mount them to my back any suggestions?
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Well, any sort of glue is out due to their massive size. Sewing could still be possible, but you'd probably have to attach them to a really solid piece of material for that to work. Like a thick vest or something that hugs your body so they are balanced. Have you considered buying some black suspenders and attaching them to those? You could rig something up almost like the gear on attack on titan. Since he wears black the suspenders would match and not cause too much focal point.
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@Danse I was thinking about a back brace that wraps around my body and using straps for that. The problem is because they are hollow it makes the actual attachment difficult and the weight doesn't help
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@NatsumeLycoris since they're hollow you might be able to mount something inside to anchor them to a vest
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Exactly what @shannonl5 said. I was asking the weight because of you do add something more to them, they would need to not be heavy to begin with. :)
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@Danse @shannonl5 Yes lol but what could I put that wouldn't add a bunch of weight and would be sturdy enough to hold them XD sorry It's just that I either find something that fits and is sturdy but Is way to heavy or its decent weight but isn't study enough XD
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