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comparing another couple of really close words on catch the wave
@kpopandkimchi & @robertakm64, you're welcome... @robertakm64 the whole culture seems built on concern for others and hospitality... most greetings and farewells are derived from asking about the others health or if they have eaten yet
@robertakm64, that is exactly what I did. Most of my friends in Korea tell me that sometimes I'm more Korean than they are...ㅋㅋㅋ I always tell people that America is my home but Seoul is my city
I really love that ... I hope this doesn't sound stupid - but it makes me want to go all "Dances With Wolves" and submerge myself in their culture - like to my core ... I love the Korean culture and people. I always tell people I'm not Korean here (pointing to my face) I am Korean here (pointing to my heart) ...
I absolutely love the respect, care and concern that is built into the Korean language! 건강 하다 (하세요?) saying be healthy as a greeting or a farewell to the ones you love is so wonderful! Thank you for the lesson. :)
I've actually never heard the verb 건장하다 so I learned a new word today! Thanks!!!
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