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From Hot Fuss to Battle Born the 4 guys from Vegas have had a huge impact on fans and casual listeners alike. The Killers are a band with a household name. Run up to any random person and say, "Have you heard of The Killers?", and undoubtedly they'll say yes.
When you're facing an uncertain future, and your back is against the wall, I highly suggest you queue up these tracks. The Killers have a way of talking about the universe in a way we can all understand. They join us all under the same stars, a brilliant sky that at first looks cold and vacuous, but can actually be full of shining potential.

1. Sam's Town

Sam's town is an ode to the old regime. It pinpoints the feeling you get when you're flying or driving into your hometown after a long time away. You're older, more distant and a little bit more jaded, but you still have that idealistic view of the place you grew up in. Everyone has a place they can go back to for absolute tranquility. Feeling comfortable isn't the objective. Feeling alive is. It's got this forward motion, and throughout you can feel the energy of a person who out grew their surroundings, and had to search for something more.
Sam's Town is one of The Killers' most prolific tracks because it's grand in every way. The live version sends chills up and down my spine every time I hear it. Whenever things get tough, and the lights seem to be dimming on the future, it's always okay to remember that place of comfort, to encourage you to soldier on.
Best lyric: "I've got this energy beneath my feet like something underground's gonna come up and carry me."

2. Losing Touch

There's something sarcastic and endearing about this song. A deep cut from "Day and Age", Losing Touch is a classic "I don't give a fuck" track. It calls out all of the people who doubt you, and rings them out in the desert sun. Sometimes our worst enemies are our friends.
When people start to lose faith in us, because we're taking a new job, or switching majors, or just plainly living how we want to...we can't focus on it. We have to forge our own path. And though the future might be a great, big unknown, we have to own our time. This song swells with the lackadaisical lyrics and casual renderings of doom that the Killers are known for. It makes you feel comforted by the unknown.
Best lyric: "You go run and tell your friends I"m losing touch / fill the night with stories / the legend grows."

3. All These Things That I've Done

When we think about our past, and the things we regret, most of the time it's not a pretty thing. Desperation is at its height when we're trying to make our plans for life. There is something sick about thinking so far in the future that you end up causing yourself a great amount of anxiety.
All These Things That I Have Done reminds us that moving forward isn't about being perfect. It's about the willingness to learn from our mistakes. "I wanna shine on in the hearts of man."
That lyric sticks out particularly because we all want to succeed, and we believe that somewhere out there in the future we will. "Help me out."
Best lyric: "These changes / ain't changing me / I'm the cold hearted boy I used to be."

4. For Reasons Unknown

Finding yourself in an unfamiliar place, starting down the barrel of a loaded future is not an easy thing. And though you feel yourself changing, you know it's probably for the best right? The truth is, we can never know. This song makes us feel like we're not alone in our indecision. The song has that feeling of waking up tired for another day of work. You're dragging yourself out of bed, to the car or subway. You're crawling. You're groveling. You're barely making it, but you have faith. The faith that somehow, some way, for reasons unknown, your future will mean something.
Best lyric: "I know if destiny's kind / I've got the rest on my mind."

5. Battle Born

This is the song you should listen to right as you're about to give up. When the future is concerned, especially an uncertain one, the worst thing you can do is quit. This song encourages even the most downtrodden to pull themselves up. With an inherent American spirit, The Killers channel the best of Bruce Springsteen into Battle Born. The title track from their latest studio effort, it reminds us why The Killers matter.
Mistakes happen, and you're not always going to perform like a champ. You just have to remember that you were Battle Born...ready for action and change. Things will turn around. You just have to work for it. You. Can't. Stop. Now.
Best lyric: "The season may pass / but the dream doesn't die / now that you've dropped the ball."

6. This River Is Wild

I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this song in the past few months. A lot of things have been changing for me. Just graduating from college has been a huge transition, and thinking about the future isn't a hobby, it's a necessity. It drowns out my thoughts, and more often than not it bogs me down.
When we're trying to figure things out, we end up isolating ourselves. A fine line emerges between productivity and darkness, and This River Is Wild reminds us that things will always change. There is nothing truer than that concept. If you embrace it, while also acknowledging that its okay to be'll be just fine.
Give yourself some credit, because life is difficult! This river is wild. Godspeed.
Best lyric: "Listen to the sound of the world / don't watch it turn."

7. From Here On Out

Picture yourself on an airplane, you're jet setting across the world, or country. Your future is at your fingertips. You're taking off, and the back of your mind is clouded with "what if's" and "can-nots", and suddenly that all falls away. Your mind settles. Life is happening. You're in control. This is the song that's playing in the background of your crisis.
The song tells the story of forgotten dreams and missed opportunities, but ultimately comes to the conclusion that we control our own destiny, and moving forward, we have nobody to worry about but ourselves.
Best lyric: "Hey, from here on out, friends are gonna be hard to come by / left it wondering what it all was about."

8.This is Your Life

This is a coming of age song with a huge chorus. Big, and sing-songy, this track is tailor made for the arena. Although it's got a larger than life vibe, you can boil the lyrics down to a simple idea: You've got one life to live and the future is your friend.
Wait for something better if you're not satisfied. People aren't keeping tabs like you think they are. Live for yourself.
Best lyric: "Crooked wheels keep turning / children are you learning?"


The story behind this song is quite grim, but it's filled with hope. One of the members of The Killers was dealing with some serious suicidal issues, and didn't know how to cope with it. Those feelings led to the penning of this song.
A giant metaphor for not feeling right in your skin, fighting against the norm and creating a life that will be remembered, Spaceman joins all of us lost souls together. It encourages us to think big, and worry small. It's great encouragement for a bright future.
Because sometimes our greatest enemy is ourselves.
Best lyric: "The Spaceman says everybody look down, its all in your mind."

10. Everything Will Be Alright

This song had to be last, because its the most comforting. Looking back on my life, I can say a lot of my few years on this planet have been spent worrying. Worrying about the future, my parents, my pets. Life. Death. Work. Play. Sickness. Health. Relationships. Success.
Life is hard. Life is short. But life goes on. Everything Will Be Alright is a testament to that fact. So when you're looking down, or standing on the edge, hum this tune. Feel the breeze on your face and know that above all else, you can continue living if you have the strength. You will have the strength. You will be alright.
Best lyric: "At least I'll try at love / tonight / Everything will be alright."

Which track is your favorite? Which bands inspire you?

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That one makes me cry every Time I hear it
it does the same for me lol
I'd have to say my favorite is When you were young @TessStevens but I don't dislike any of their songs lol
@MaighdlinS what is your favorite song
love the killers!
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