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Lipstick (or any other lip product) is pretty much the only makeup Im able to wear besides foundation and concealer (curse these shaky hands!) because it's one of the few makeup related products that even I can't mess up. Recently I was at ulta just browsing around when I saw this lipstick that supposedly changes according to your body pH (sort of like a mood ring). Obviously I had to try it out, so I shelled out a couple of bucks and bought it. Best. Decision. Ever. Edit: I actually found this brand online. It was the brand lipstick queen that I found at ulta
(Sorry for the blurry picture) The lipstick is from the brand Moodmatcher by Fran Wilson. It's pretty much the most moisturizing lipstick I've ever used since it's made with both aloe vera and vitamin e. The color is unique since the formula reacts the your body pH, which for me created a very nice pink color that lasted all day. IT LASTED ALL DAY. I ate and drank without bothering to check my makeup all day and by the time I got home my lipstick was still there. They have several different products which include the moodmatcher, moodpearl, twist stick lip color, split stick lip color, and two types of lip gloss. Each of the lipsticks come in a variety of colors, which of course, affects the overall color that your lips become once applying the product. So far I've only tried the green moodmatcher lipstick but I'm definitely going to be purchasing more from this brand in the future. Plus, the products range from 4-10 dollars a piece, so you won't be going broke if you decide to buy a couple. Here's a link to the website if you want to check it out: https://www.moodmatcher.com/
Don't pay attention to my eyebrows! They got messed up the last time I had them done so I had to let them grow out again. I bought the green moodmatcher lipstick and I changed the color of my lips seconds after applying it. The first picture is my natural lip color and the second picture is with the lipstick. Not the best lighting, sorry.
I'm really fascinated by this lipstick concept
This is awesome! I clipped it into my beauty con collection I love learning about others preferences! All day wear! Hard to come by lol I'd love to see more reviews from you. You've got a good eye!
got it! cool. yeah the lighting makes it hard to get a true after, but great anyway!
@marshalledgar I posted the pictures at the bottom of this card. Sorry, I should've mentioned that...
oops I didn't realize that there were comments on this card... @TessStevens thanks! I'm not too experienced with makeup but I'll make sure to make cards whenever I see something interesting. @marshalledgar I was too. when I first saw another product like this at ulta I thought "I definitely need that..." but it was big bit expensive so I didn't get it. I'm glad I found this brand though since it works really well. I just posted a before and after if you want to see the difference that the moodmatcher made on my lips.
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