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What is going on these days? Recently we discovered that bacon can kill you (sort of, but not really), cooking oil can cause cancer and that playing video games is the hot new stress-releasing therapy trend. For real?!
With all that in mind, I had to find out if masking, especially before a major event like a wedding, a reunion or a day out and about was still on the list of good ideas. YES AND NO! Good thing I checked, right?!
So here's the deal: Masking is great, ONLY if you use the right products and you don't overdo it.
Most people have combination skin, which is an oily T-zone and the rest of your face is dry and flaky. While there are plenty of perfectly formulated products for just oily skin or dry skin, the science behind combination skin products is still struggling to find a formula that works.
TIP: Purchase both dry and oily skin masking products, using the correct formula for that particular area of your face. For example, you'd use oily skin mask on your T-zone and dry skin mask on the rest of your face.
If you have any of the other skin types, you can simply use your specific skin type cleanser all over. However, in all cases, be sure to read the label for mask time and frequency, as each is formulated to be specific.
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yup . I'll just have to look like that woman in the photo . ha
interesting , never thought about wearing to types of maks
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Amazing information...I learned well ^^ Thank you
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