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All of us here in the Vingle Anime Community are just, like, SO EXCITED to welcome you all into our animu family!!! We're always searching for new Nakama, and meeting you all is the best way to add to our lives with new friends!
I'm @VinMcCarthy, and I am a supporting member of the moderator team here in the Anime community, with my fellow supports @hikaymm and @Rosepark and the lead moderator @poojas! If you ever have any questions or concerns, or just want to say hi, send us a message!


。*。+。(`・ω・。)o o(。・ω・´)。+。*。 

It's awesome to have you here!

We'll be friends in no time flat!

Right here are my three favorite badass women in anime!

Why not introduce yourselves by commenting your top three favorite anime ladies!

Thanks for the welcome. Um , Akame from Akame ga Kill, MiraJane from Fairy Tail, and Rin from Fate Stay Night. Even though you didn't ask, my favorite male anime characters are Hak from Yona of the dawn, Archer from fate stay night, and ROGUE (❤) from fairy tail!!
@VinMcCarthy One cannot simply "watch" Guilty Crown. One must watch, then cry a buttload of tears, and then re-watch. It's that good of an anime~
Sakura from Naruto Mikasa from attack on titan and Risa Hawkeye from fullmetal alchemist ^_^
Hi 🤗 if any one wants to add me as a friend or message me that would be fine. I'm new here and trying to make new friends and learning the ropes of this app so if anyone wants to let me know how things go around here. Like it literally took me a while to find the comment button at the bottom of the screen in the corner. I was scrolling all over the place 😩😩😩
No one mentioned Misa Misa from Death Note? My three... Misa Misa - death note Yoruichi - bleach Mikasa - attack on titan
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